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Monday, February 18, 2013

Maudlin Monday

Feeling drunk on cough syrup and sad.  This month really hasn't worked out how I planned so far.  

It's been a really rough month and I haven't exercised since last Monday.  Wednesday was my next exercise day but it was our 30th anniversary on Valentine's Day and I had to work late to take Thursday off so I figured I'd just have to make it up.  Thursday also was a diet-free day for our anniversary. We had a blast at the Blue Man Group and I even splurged and had a "blue mantini". If you have the opportunity I would see them. I guess you'd describe them as kinda a comedy, music, techno performance that is amazing.

Well the "makeup" exercising didn't happen since this cold/flu then hit the family. We've all been down for the count so I missed yet another exercise class. We've literally gone through BOTTLES of disgustingly sweet cough syrup.  I rarely eat ice cream but it's one of the few things that's palatable and it helps the sore throat from all the coughing.  Lots of hot tea with honey and lemon too. I think I've had more sugar in the last 4-5 days than I have in the last year!   I did find some decent cough drops that are sugar free by Ricola. 

One of the good things out of this is that I've hardly had any diet Coke since I've had so much hot herbal tea.  I was really getting concerned that my diet Coke addiction was getting out of control again.  I think part of my bad headache was from the withdrawal. 
Today is better. 

I'll brave the cold for a walk at lunch break. I'm so congested I'm hoping it will help. It's sunny outside and it's supposed to go up to the 40's. After spending the entire weekend in bed I'm going to go to my water fitness class tonight.  I may not have much energy but I'll do the best I can. 

So what if this month really hasn't worked out how I planned so far on the scale but then this isn't a one month process so I can turn it around!  I've found that overall I'm getting back some of the energy I'd lost now that I'm cutting out most processed foods and starchy carbs again. I'm losing that weighed down feeling that started creeping up on me when I started allowing more and more of them back into my diet.  I guess when I look at it that way I have made progress this month!


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