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Thursday, February 21, 2013

great healthy find!

Yummy Yummy. By now some of us may be getting sick of their routine healthy breakfast

If anyone is going low carb, low glycemic or low fat I have an awesome bread that I just love for breakfast. Hadn't gotten it for a while and was getting tempted driving by McDs (love the breakfasts) on the way to work again so went and bought some. It's called Ezekiel Bread by Food for Life. This morning I had the Ezekiel 4:9 whole grain Cinnamon Raisin. It really tastes like a "cheat" food. It's an organic (freezer section), vegan, sprouted multi-grain bread: 2g fiber, 18g carb (5g sugar but only from the organic raisins), 3g protein, 0g fat (5 calories) and 80 calories a slice.

If you haven't ever tried sprouted whole grain bread the dense, course texture is very different than refined flour breads but I really like it. They have other whole grain breads too that I like to spread peanut or almond butters on for breakfast too.

I haven't been tempted to get by breakfast burrito once this week :-). I'll post this on our blog too in case some people aren't on FB. Actually I had a sugar craving Sunday night and a slice of the cinnamon bread (no butter) took care of it .

I buy mine at Giant Eagle but I think they have it at Heinen's too. Haven't found it at Kmart or Walmart or Sam's club.


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