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Friday, May 10, 2013

back on track...hopefully

On the way home from work last night suddenly Lack of Motivation took control of my steering wheel turning my car to the exit ramp to go home!  It took several seconds for Determination to wrestle back control and I arrived safely at the Y.  To drive the message home to the reluctant parts of me I exercised longer and pushed myself...take that!!  Of course my body objected to that and retaliated so I ended up having to use my TENs unit night last night for my back and hip .

I ended the day at 1600 calories but my carbs were 104 and mostly NOT the good kind and fat 80gms.

All seems to be well today with the nutrition though. I've taken charge of my starchy carb cravings limiting them only whole wheat. My fat cravings were satisfied with an ounce of white cheddar and I'm managing the sweet cravings with chewing sugar-free gum and a sipping a diet rootbeer!  I'm short on fruit & veggies so far but I'll make up for it tonight.

I'm still tired and achy and unmotivated but I just realized when I had all my energy the previous weeks I was drinking a lot of water and green tea and skipping the diet Coke.  I'm also getting headaches and body aches.  I'm definitely not drinking enough and when I do it's the wrong stuff this week. I think I had 3-4 cans of pop yesterday!  I'm going to go make myself some green or white tea and drink water and stay away from the chemicals in the pop and I'll see if things improve.


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