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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

kicking it up a notch!

This has probably been my sickliest winter EVER.  Just getting over the flu and decided I really needed to kick it up a notch and not to use feeling sick or tired or having my back flareups as an excuse 'cause the way this winter has been I may not feel better anytime soon.

I went walking at lunch. It's sunny and I definitely need the sun after this winter!  It was soooo cold with a brisk wind. I wonder if you burn more calories if your body is trying to stay warm?? LOL. 

Anyway I managed 2.6 miles! I even did my "ramping" that I used to do.  My "ramping" is walking up the ramps in the parking garage at work.  I started the ramps after walking about a mile and a half. By the top of the first ramp I was ready to quit!  BUT I kept going. No excuses. So proud of myself.  Went just as far as the 6th floor this time because that's where I parked my car.  Maybe tomorrow I can make it all the way to the top. And NO I don't take the elevator back down!  Need to tone those muscles walking back down too!

My rule is now that if I want a diet Coke I have to go out to my car and get one!  So I managed to drink green tea all day because I didn't feel like walking out to my car til my lunch break.  Yesterday I drank green tea and ice water with lemon because I didn't feel like walking out to the car at all. This plan seems like it could be a good one if I stick to it to curb my diet Coke addiction.


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