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Friday, April 12, 2013

finally consistent progress

Well I analyzed my nutrition and activity logs for the past 10 days and I'm doing pretty well.

Only a couple days I got lazy and unmotivated and walked about 2 miles. Three days I made it 4 miles and 2 days I got in a little over 5 miles!  So overall I'm averaging about 3 1/2 miles a day and I'll try to improve on those numbers for the next week.

Had really bad diet days Sat & Sun but I at least stayed under 2000 calories. At least Saturday I did enough walking to burn 1000 calories!  I'm averaging 1400 calories a day otherwise.

We went to Cabanas Island Restaurant this week and I tried FISH on the low calorie menu! Cabanas's calorie controlled menu is very seafood heavy but of course it's an "Island Restaurant" and seafood can be very calorie friendly!  I normally dislike seafood but the tilapia sounded very appealing to expand my healthy protein options. My tilapia was very tender and flavorful and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't care much for fish. The veggies were perfect, not too crunchy nor too soft.  My hubby ate my potatoes since I'm not eating starchy carbs opting instead for whole grains. He said they were quite tasty too. He's a fan of their burgers and fries. I hear the teriyaki tuna is popular so maybe I'll also try that some time. Who knows maybe I'll end up a regular fish eater?

So the plan for next week....walk...walk...walk and maybe try the gym again since I'm getting more fit.  I need to take it slow with my bad back and neck but I do need to step it up to the next level to prepare for some exercise classes next month.  I'll also plan on having NO days where I go over 1400 calories, maybe dropping to 1200 a couple times a week so my body doesn't get too comfy with the calorie reduction.


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