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Thursday, July 11, 2013

lost track of time

I've been so crazy with things that i hadn't realized that I hadn't blogged for a while. 

My diet has been up and down but I still am able to control the binge eating going into my second month! When I'm all stressed out WATCH OUT , and boy have I been stressed for 4-5 months now!  You would not believe how gray I've gotten too. 

I'm finding the days that I DON'T do well is when I don't plan ahead. For example I was busy yesterday and didn't get to eat until the cafeteria in the building was closed.  I was too busy to go to a neighboring building so lunch was chips, M&Ms, diet Coke and a bagel and cream cheese!  It would be nice if there were healthier options in the vending machine.   Or I don't get lunch and I'm so starving i get fast food on the way home because I'm too hungry to wait. Yeah I could get a salad but it's kinda hard to eat when driving! 

When I've done well I've planned ahead and packed my lunch. Snacks of nuts or sugar free gum were always on hand on my car and purse.  I'd munch of veggies throughout the day so i didn't get too hungry. Guess the key right now is to take the time to plan and not be so lazy.

I'll be touching base soon and hope to have a glowing report. See ya later!*:-h wave


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